Old Drains Form Potential Safety Hazard in Parks

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Children run around in parks everyday, but in some cases it is the ground and not the playground which can put a child in harms way.
At Crossroads ball fields on a rainy day, you may wonder where all the water goes. it goes through a drainage system which can usually be found with ease.
Peter Meyers, head of Casper Community Development said, "Generally speaking for any drain structure we want it to be visible if it's going to be in the street or walking area and/or protected in some way. because of course we don't want anyone to hurt themselves in the park."
Sometimes, particularly with worn drain systems, certain conditions can make them hard to see and people can get hurt.
Meyers said, "If somebody is walking around at night, or certainly under heavy fog condition or something, it's possible to not see them."
Which is exactly what happened to one viewer who wishes to remain anonymous. she tells News 13 she was leaving a softball game one night and fell in the ditch, rolling her ankle and cutting her leg on the exposed pvc pipe. Luckily only minor injuries.
Meyer does recognize the problem and says that drain system is no longer in use: The city made improvements to Crossroads and now the old system needs to go.
Meyers said, "We are hoping to get rid of that entirely at some point."
Meyers is still working out when the removal will happen, but it is a priority. He also wants the public's help to make sure there aren't other parks with any unsafe conditions.
Meyers said, "If anybody sees something that looks like its broken or may need some maintenance, we're always delighted if people just give us a call and we fix it."
Meyers adds if people do get hurt at a park to let his office know how, so they can find the correct solution.