Officials Simulate Oil Spill in North Platte River

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"Spectra Energy has a pipeline system that runs through Casper, and has storage facilities here in Casper as well." said Phil West of Spectra Energy.

Because spectra has oil storage areas up river, they want to respond right if oil ever spilled into the water

"The thesis of the exercise is that an oil spill has occurred up river on the North Platte, the oil has escaped containment activities there, has entered into Casper Creek and is now floating down the North Platte River." said John Dalton, Environmental Protection Agency PIO.

The drill simulates containment processes that would be put in place according to EPA standards

"There are three boom sites being put up, this being the first of three, the boom will be put up to contain the oil spill and in the eventuality of such an oil spill, would contain it remove it and cart it away for disposal." said Dalton.

The EPA, Spectra Energy, and more than two dozen federal, state, county, city and private organizations participate in the exercise.

"Its also very important to maintain relationships with the local first responders and we have employees that live and work here to, we want to protect the environment, we want to make sure we do this right and we operate our pipeline safely so this is very important to us." said West.