Officials Propose New Fire Alarm Ordinance

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CASPER, WY - Fire officials would like a new ordinance regulating fire alarms.

This follows a bad year of responding to false alarms around the area.

"The intent of this ordinance is that once we've identified problematic alarm systems within homes. We can say that this particular house will not get a response as normal,” said Fire Prevention Officer Justin Smith.

Officials and local security distributors are teaming up to reduce false alarms in the area.

"We work with the public safety officials. We worked with them when we derived the intrusion ordinance and we hope to be working with public safety officials moving forward too on any fire legislation that needs to be used," said Comtronix Executive Bruce Kopperud.

Smoke detectors save lives, but can be used ineffectively.

"Typically it’s not necessarily that the system itself is malfunctioning,” said Smith. “It’s that a smoke detector is in a bad place. So it’s going off excessively. Or it may also be that somebody is simply having a tough time with their kitchen appliances. Whatever the case may be.”

Placement of the smoke detectors has fire officials wanting a change in the policy.

"Someone without the proper training will place a detector, where there’s inherent hazard to the smoke alarm. Garages for example, kitchens are not a good place for a smoke alarm, because of the ambient conditions can cause a false alarm," said Kopperud.

The process of alerting the fire departments takes some time and investigation.

"First the call goes to a call center for the company. Then they relay to the dispatch center. Then our dispatch center sends the appropriate units. We're talking about a lot of moving parts," said Smith

False alarms are waste of time for the fire department and are a hazard to the community.

"Were strongly in support of reliable systems in the community, because the systems that aren’t reliable that false a lot can cause everyone heartache and it’s a safety issue," said Kopperud.

According to the proposed ordinance, users would be charged a fee for the false alarm visit.

Last year Casper fire-ems responded to 115 false alarms.