Northern Arapaho Tribe to Take Part in Language and Culture Camp

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This weekend Northern Arapaho tribal members will get the chance to learn more about their culture and language.

"Every tribe has their own identity, their own culture, their own language, and their own customs," says Stephen Fast Horse, Arapaho Tribe Member.

This weekend tribal members can attend a free two day camp allowing them to take classes on their language, tee pee building, story telling, and respect along with many other topics.

"Anyone in the United States, you seek out our heritage, you seek out your identity you know and that's what it's about you know, maintaining it and making sure we continue to preserve what we do have," says Fast Horse.

Only around 70 members speak the language fluently on the Wind River Reservation.

"We need good teacher training programs for our remaining fluent speakers to become good teachers," says Eugene "Snowball" Ridgely, Arapaho Tribe Member.

Ridgely has hopes for the future of their language.

"Maybe a language learning center, where we're open every day for anybody to come in and sit down and learn language,? says Ridgely.

The Northern Arapaho Language and Culture camp is August 15-16th. The free event is geared towards members ages eight through adults.