New Study Shows Exercise Increases Women's Odds of Beating Breast Cancer

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What can you do to avoid and beat breast cancer? A new study says the answer is exercise and general fitness. Local oncologists say breast cancer can happen to anyone, and while they are some types that aren't avoidable, most are.
Breast cancer kills more than 30-thousand women each year. At rocky mountain oncology they'd like to see that number go down and Doctor John Purviance says for women at risk a healthy body is a good place to start
Purviance said, "Weight loss is really the key thing that they can do. They can't change their gender. They can't change their genetics; but what they can do is lose weight."
There are a bunch of different ways out there to shed some pounds, but purviance says one reigns supreme.
Purviance said, "Exercise is much more effective than diet alone."
Finding the time to work out can be tough, luckily for women doctors say an exercise routine of walking just 15 minutes a day, is enough to raise a woman's chances of beating and avoiding breast cancer all together.
Physical therapists say hitting the gym is also a moral boost for many patients.
Doctor Reim Fehringer, "I get a lot of positive comments of this is really helping, I really do feel better, I really can do these things I couldn't do."
Meanwhile Purviance says elevated moods and lower weights are saving lives.
Purviance said, "It's definitely helping us win the battle."
He hopes it will helps oncologists win the war as well.
It is proven that exercise puts people in a better mood, which can help them stay positive through the diagnoses and treatment.
It is recommended that all women, not just ones at risk, get checked for breast cancer once a year.