New School Bus Hub for Natrona County Students

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Natrona County Students will be taking a new route to school involving a bus transfer at the new school district bus hub.

Sydney Webb, NCSD director of transportation says, "we will help every kid get to the right bus that they need to in the morning and in the afternoon to return home safely."

New bus routes are being tested in order to make sure everything goes smoothly on the first day of school.

Webb says, "our goal is to do trial runs today, two trial runs tomorrow, and two trial runs on Friday."

The community asked for a more efficient bussing system, and Natrona County school district administrators listened... The new bus hub system isn't just advantageous to parents and students... It's beneficial to the entire community. For example... Fewer buses on the roads.

"Pineview school had 14 to 17 buses in the morning. We're looking at probably one bus returning in the morning."

And if parents are worried about their child's safety with the new bus schedule... Safety administrator Andrea Nester says it's safer to have all kids transferring at one spot than having them transfer at various places around town.

"This area is a secure area, meaning kids aren't going to have to walk out into streets or anything to get onto their bus."

And in the event of any confusion... Help will be available to every student to make sure no child is left behind.

Nester: "we have different methods that we use to make sure all those kids get on the right bus. We have a monitor that comes from each school that's in charge of that bus and checks kids in and out."

Even the ones behind the wheel say the new system will work to everyone's advantage.

John Vandervoort, NC bus driver says, "I believe it's going to be.. it's an excellent idea.. it's going to be way more efficient. We'll be able to transport our kids safely, they'll be able to do their transfers safely."

Webb says students need to register early in order to reserve a bus seat and bus number.