New Riverton Council Members

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Riverton council members selected two new members to fill vacant seats on Feb. 4.

Kyle Larson was voted to serve ward 1 and Martin Cannan for ward 3. Other members felt they will serve the community well, but some expressed disappointment with how the previous ward 3 council member had to leave his position and some felt state statutes should be re-examined.

“There were two vacated seats,” said ward 1 council member Jonathan Faubion. “One was vacated by a gentleman who moved to another town. The other one was vacated as a matter of wanting to retire.”

Larson said he feels he can bring transparency to the position.

“I think I can be honest,” said Larson.

Cannan said he wanted to help city growth.

“I would like to be involved in that process to make Riverton a better place to live,” said Cannan.

Faubion brought up an issue he had regarding the election at Tuesday’s meeting. The mayor and a ward 3 resident shared similar feelings.

“I have no problem with the gentleman that was seated, however I feel like the vote of electorate was made 3 months ago to put Lars Baker in the ward 3 council seat,” said Faubion.

The previous ward 3 representative, Lars Baker, also reapplied. The mayor says Baker had to give up his seat for 30 days in order to retire according to state requirement. Council members instead voted for Cannan.

“An elected official like that, should not be required or forced to give up his position because the unintended consequences of a retirement law,” said Mayor Ron Warpness.

Former mayor and ward 3 resident Dennis Tippets agreed.

“The process seems to have been done fairly,” said Tippets. “Perhaps the Wyoming legislature needs to take a look at that particular statute.”

The mayor, Tippett, and Faubion say they have no problem with Cannan. Both council members look forward to serving Riverton.

“I just got appointed to the school recreation board, but I would like to see us offer as many things as possible to the young kids,” said Cannan.

The mayor wrote a letter to the governor and sent copies to local state legislators as well about the state requirement, but he says he feels Cannan will do an excellent job as a council member.