New Douglas Rec Center

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In a historic meeting, Douglas City Council, Converse County Commissioners, and the Converse County School Board came together for the first time ever to approve proceedings with a new recreation center.

Officials say safety for students is one of the main reasons for the new rec center.

“We allow the public to come into the facility and use the facility during the school day. so there's been some concerns raised with that policy.” Said Monty Gilbreath, Recreation Director for the Converse County School Board.

So the community has come together combining members of the county commissioners, city council, and school board to form a committee to build a new rec center in Douglas.

“This will make just one more step to that growth of Douglas which is growing right now with all the oil play and everything.” Said Bruce Jones, Mayor of Douglas.

Wagonhound Land and Livestock has donated the land and infrastructure for the estimated 20-25 million dollar project.

"This has been coming, we need it and then they can close it off at the school after we get this built. and help them with the security y of the high school." said Jones

Committee members hope the recreation center will have an aquatic center, basketball and racquetball courts, a lazy river, and even a flow rider, making it one of a kind in the state.

“So we can go out and have some fun, instead of going to some other community to do it? Why not right here?” said Jones.