New Children's Museum Opens in Riverton September

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The winter months can be difficult for families to find activities everyone can participate in, so a group of people in Riverton changed that. The Center for Art, Technology, and Science (CATS) opens on September 13th.

“Several of us had visited children's museums and we decided it was time for Riverton to have a children's museum,” says Nance Shelsta, CATS.

A group of grandparents has joined hands and created CATS so they could have something to do with their grandchildren during the winter.

“Especially in the winter when cabin fever may set in, it's another option for families to get together,” says Steve Shelsta, CATS.

“We're not grandparents that sit in front of TV,” says Nance.

The Center has exhibits for all ages including a music room, shadow room, infant area, as well as models showing the human body, air movement, and a harmonograph.

“I love the harmonograph, it allows you to draw pictures based on a swinging pendulum, and you get all different types of patterns and shapes,” says Bill Reiter, CATS.

The Center also includes a wall demonstrating gravity.

“Every time we add a new exhibit it becomes my favorite part,” says Nance.

Overall, the Center creators just want families to get involved.

“I hope they get actively involved in looking at things and scientifically analyzing how things work and why they work,” says Reiter.