Natrona County Emergency Management Officials Monitor Mudslides

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Casper -(KCWY) "We are prepared and can handle about anything that comes along,” said Casper city manager John Patterson.

Recent mudslides in Washington state and Colorado have buried towns and caused great loss in life, but could a mudslide such as these be seen on Casper Mountain? Emergency management officials don't think so.

"We have no previously identified large areas like that that we are afraid will slough off,” said Lt. Stewart Anderson, the Natrona County emergency management coordinator.

Natrona county emergency management officials are aware of areas such as the sheepherder burn scar and eastern side of the mountain which could be at risk.

"We have come up with a partnership between us, the weather service, and the BLM to where we recently purchased a portable weather station,” said Anderson.

The weather station will be placed in the burn scar area and report data back to emergency officials of real time rain totals, so if flash flooding or a mudslide may occur they can warn people in the affected areas.

"I think there is good coordination between the city and the county and the other cities in the county when it comes to preparedness,” said Patterson.

Anderson says they have trained with search and rescue dogs for avalanches, but they haven't done any training exercises with heavy equipment.

"When people are buried in the mud it's a whole different circumstance because now you’re using that heavy equipment to try to reach them,” said Anderson.

Casper Mountain has not seen a large scale mudslide, but has seen minor ones which have damaged homes. Andersen says emergency staff in his office will continue watching for warning signs.

"From the spring runoff to how fast it's running off with those gulleys and that through the thunderstorm season, so basically until it snows again we will be watching,” said Anderson.