Natrona County Commissioners discuss Casper's Future

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CASPER, WY Natrona county commissioner candidates participated in an open forum Monday tonight to voice their opinions on the county's status.

The panel touched on several topics tonight but roads and infrastructure seemed to be the number one concern among candidates.

Most agreed the growing community has caused significant traffic congestion within Casper's city limits and that instead of spending thousands on new roads, we need to put money into maintaining roads we already have.

Candidates say they want to investigate the housing market because a lot of residents end up selling their homes faster than they can buy a new one.

Several also say people's property rights have been violated too much in the past and that it needs to end.

Casper's growth within the last year has many of the candidates looking to recreational areas for continued growth, including Pathfinder, Alcova and Casper mountain recreation areas.

They say these areas are a jewel to Natrona County and should be taken advantage of to keep the city growing, but first they want to address the concerns inside city limits.

"We need to talk about roads and we need to fix them. I would like to start a program for gravel on a lot of roads. We've started and we need to keep that up," said County Commissioner Candidate Robert Hendry.

Candidates addressed the one cent tax that will be voted on in the coming months.

They all supported the tax saying if it doesn’t pass, cuts will likely be made elsewhere within city government.

Eleven candidates are running for county commissioner at this time.

The primary election will begin August 19th.