Movie Attendance in Decline

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Talk about the road less traveled, the road to the box office isn't getting used much. News 13's Jeff Platt looked into the state of the big screen in Casper. A new eleven screen movie theater is set to open in Casper this coming January, so they must be profitable. But showing blockbusters isn't the business it once was.
The Casper movie theater is still a staple of entertainment. A manager at studio city says there is a solid core of regulars.
Movie-Goer Wesley Izzo said, "Whenever it's a good movie I just go."
Casper Residenr Justin Whitlock said, "We usually try to come about once a week."
But for these movie-goers like many; the silver screen isn't the only place they go for a motion picture.
Whitlock said, "We do do Netflix at home and we also do redbox."
With cheap rentals, streaming services, and a growing size in the average household television; some think the cinema has lost it's charm.
Makayla Hallford, deputy director of the Wyoming Orchestra Symphony, said, "It's maybe not as special, because can get the same movies at home pretty quick."
But despite all that last year movie theater income nation-wide went up over $100 million.
"But that's only because ticket prices went up. Movie-goer attendance was down 1.5 percent last year, and this year it's on pace to drop another three percent."
One movie-goer who was a little camera shy told me he almost never goes to the movie because of the cost and he feels bad for big families who pay for more than a ticket. That's why theater owner's around Casper have kept matinee prices low and are trying new ways to fill the stands the way they did before the days of online streaming.
Whitlock said, "Casper's got some good prices on their movies and they're starting to get some good deals out there where you can use your rewards card, so it kind of an incentive to get people to come a little bit more."
Hallford says there may be some deals out there, but the greatest cost of going to the movie-theater is not going somewhere else.
Hallford said, "You can take that same amount of money and go out and do something else that is so different than what you normally do."
Theater owners also schedule big events to premiere new releases, but Hallford says Wyoming has much more to offer than sitting in front of the screen. The manager at Studio City says they have special pricing at various times and days throughout the week and they are doing their best to keep prices from going up.