More Public Information Officers Train in Natrona County

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The Natrona County Emergency Management team is providing a way for first responders to learn how to get information to the public quick and accurately.

The FEMA Public Information Officer Course is designed to train people, specifically those in emergency fields, to use the media as a tool in relaying information to the public.

“We wanna get more people trained up on the basics of how to handle interviews. How to get statement out and press releases, so we can get information out to our public.” said Officer Joe Nickerson, Casper Police PIO.

Dozens of professionals gathered to train on how to interact with all kinds of media such as T.V. print, radio, and web. The training even included on-camera interviews in a mock studio, and members of the media also helped provide information about the best way to answer questions

“Its a good working relationship we have with the media here in Natrona County with the emergency response, health department, game and fish folks that are here.” said Lt. Stewart Anderson, Natrona County Emergency Coordinator.

But the main goal of the two day course is to provide Natrona County and Casper emergency officials with the same training to be able to relay safety information to the public through outlets, including social media.

“To use that media to get the word out on the good news, those not so good news stories, and to get the facts out to the public in a fast and efficient way as possible.” said Anderson.