Missing Boy's Body Found In North Platte River

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Casper Fire officials say the 11-year-old boy who went missing in the North Platte River has been found. This puts an end to a physically and emotionally grueling four-day long search.

Everyone, from firefighters to community volunteers, has been combing the river since Alex Cressy was first swept under on Monday afternoon.

News13's Lauren Wells was on the scene earlier tonight just minutes after his body was found.

It was a somber moment tonight at the Tate Pumphouse where the community gathered in memory of Alex Cressy. His body was found not far from where the current first swept him away earlier this week.

"About 5:45 this evening we found the body of the missing 11-year-old child here in the white water park. He was about 120 yards from where he first fell on Monday," says Jason Parks with Casper Fire-EMS.

Thursday night the community gathered to mourn the loss of Alex Cressy - a friend, a brother and a son.

Parks continues, "There was law enforcement and bystanders on scene that thought they had seen something. They called for us. We didn't see anything initially."

But like so many others, they didn't give up the search.

"The last two days we hit hard up here with cameras, SONAR, swimmers and boats without any luck. We figured we would go down stream today," says Parks.

Alex's body was found not very far from where he was last seen on Monday.

"They directed us to where their last seen area was and within thirty minutes of starting our search he did surface at which point we were able to make the grab and pull him to shore," says Parks.

Now a community that came together to find Cressy comes together to remember him.

The mayor stopped by the scene after hearing the missing boy was found. "We always come together and take care of each other. The citizens have proven that again," says Paul Meyer.

"Quite an outpouring from the community to help find this child," Parks says.

Casper Fire-EMS also told me on scene that Cressy's body is now being handed over to the family for final services. He was a recent fifth-grade graduate.

Cressy was playing with a friend in a shallow part of the river when his 8-year-old friend was swept out. Cressy followed to try to help him out. His friend was rescued by rafters taken to Wyoming Medical Center and then released. Many have been calling Alex a hero, as he gave his life to save his young friend.