Minimum Wage For College Grads

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A new study from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics shows about 260,000 people with a college or professional degree are currently working at a minimum wage job.

A college degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars... and for some areas across the country, it doesn't necessarily guarantee a high-paying job.

But the job market for Casper graduates tells a different story.

With some recent grads finding work in other states, it makes it difficult for a town like Casper to grow and thrive without young professionals.

Casper College advisors suggest students get involved in extra-curricular activities in order to make your resume stand out from others when applying for jobs.

While some students are aware it's not always about what you know, but who you know, it's equally important to look for jobs from credible resources.

David Trevino, a Casper College sophomore, says, "knowing your stuff, honestly, gets you the job. But who you know gets you the opportunity to get the job."

Janet de Vries, a Casper College career advisor, says, "look in multiple places. Don't just rely on searching the web randomly and posting your resume. Target your job search."

It's never too soon for a college student of any level to attend career fairs. Casper College participates in employment events hosted by the Workforce Center and the Chamber of Commerce. Also, be sure to visit you campus advisor for help when writing your resume. Casper College hosts an annual Health Career Fair that targets more than just health professionals. It also includes professions such as accounting and counseling as well. The event is held every year in February.
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