Miller Trial Day 3: The Prosecution Rests

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Day three was an emotional day at the Thomas Miller murder trial as the state called its last 10 witnesses to the stand.

Jeanie Wilson, an ex-girlfriend, testified that in 1992, after an argument with miller, he held a gun to her head. She filed a police report at the time.

Forensic and crime scene analysts also testified that the gun found on the table in the Miller's home that night matched the bullets found at the scene, and that Miller was covered in gunshot residue.

Lead detective, Wes Gudahl who interviewed Miller just hours after the shooting said he didn't believe Miller was drunk. He told the defense when cross-examined, "I believe Thomas Milller knew what he was doing at the time of the incident"

During cross-examination the defense played an interview with Mimi Jumper -- an Arkansas woman Miller was allegedly having an affair with, whom Miller had called from the bar the night of the shooting. Jumper said he sounded drunk on the phone.

It also came out that Miller had run out of his anti-depressant medication four days before the shooting. He had been taking the pills for a year.

In more video from the police interview, Thomas Miller told the detective,
"I remember we got into an argument, and her running out, and then all the stuff happened"

The state's last witness was the medical examiner, leaving the jury with images and details of Natalie Miller's wounded body as members retired for the day.

The state rests at the end of day three and on Thursday the defense begins its case.