Mick McMurry Dead at 69

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Susie McMurry confirmed for us this morning, March 10, 2015, her husband Mick McMurry died. He was 69 years-old.

While Mick is known for his wealth and presence in the oil and gas industry. He was much more than that.

A Casper native, he attended Grant Elementary, Natrona County High School, and received a bachelor of arts from the University of Wyoming in 1968.

After college Mick proudly served his country in The Vietnam War, going overseas to Saigon.

In 1970 Mick and his brother Vic started McMurry Brothers Construction. The two only had 3-thousand dollars of Mick's money he saved while overseas.

In 1973 Mick married Susie McMurry. They became foster parents and for more than 26 years, they cared for many children. Two of which, Trudi and Jillian, they adopted.

In 1992 Mick and his father Neil went into business together and discovered the Jonah and Pinedale gas fields and would revolutionize the fracking industry.

They would later sell The McMurry Oil Company for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mick and Susie devoted their lives and wealth to helping others. They made donations to the 12-24 club, the YMCA, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, the University of Wyoming, and many other charities and organizations.

Mick was an avid Pokes fan. He would go to Laramie as often as he could to watch games from his seats in the Wildcatter Suite.

Mick was close to Senator John Barasso who said,

“Mick McMurry’s life personified the code of the west... It’s hard to think of a more generous person in Wyoming... His positive influence will live on through the many people he inspired through his love of Wyoming and his commitment to others."

The Boys and Girls Club released this statement.

"What’s in the heart defines the measure of a man. Mick McMurry defined that standard to his wife Susie, kids, grand kids, his family and his community.... Mick is and remains our everlasting model of the measure of a man."

Mick said his father's rule for success was if you are successful, you need to share that success, and that was the easiest part of being successful.