Memorial Day Weekend DUI's and BUI's

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The holiday weekend resulted in 11 Natrona County DUI charges between Friday afternoon and early this morning. And officers say they issued the first boating-under-the-influence citation of the summer season as well.

Officer Joe Nickerson of Casper Police Dept. says although the number of MDW DUI's hasn't increased over the past few years, it's still not low enough.

"We'd love to see that number go down obviously. But it didn't spike, it didn't go up so that's good as well. It kind of stayed the same, but we'd love to see that go down so we continue to want to raise awareness about drunk driving and get that message out there and make sure people are being safe and having a good safe holiday."

Extra patrol officers are on duty over major holiday weekends, dedicated to keeping highways safe.

"And additional officers were just looking for DUIs. And that's one reason you know, we have a higher number too, is there's officers that can dedicate the time just looking for those drunk drivers, they're not responding to emergency calls at that time."

But with the warmer weather, boating under the influence is something officials monitor closely too.

Janet Milek of Wyoming Game & Fish says, "when you're boating under the influence, it's actually a lot trickier than driving under the influence. Boats don't have brakes, we are only on the water about three months out of the year versus driving all year round."

Milek says generally they have about 10 to 15 BUI's per year on Alcova Lake alone.

"For example, for alcova 100 percent of fatalities that we've had on that lake were alcohol-related."

Milek adds it's important to carry all essential safety equipment when boating this season... Especially life jackets.