Man Waving Gun Scares Parents Outside Casper School

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Parents picking up their kids at North Casper Elementary School Friday afternoon got a scary surprise: a man walking down the sidewalk, waving a gun and yelling.

Mom Courtney Leach tells News 13 as her family was driving away from the school on K Street, the man pointed his pistol at her window and acted as if he was cocking and shooting the gun.

They had already called 911 and were able to stop a police officer who was nearby, when the gunman himself rounded the corner.

After a brief standoff, Leach says the man dropped his pistol on the sidewalk and the officer arrested him.

Leach describes the man as in his twenties with a big blondish beard, and she says it looked like he was on drugs.

News 13 will have more updates as they become available.