Lemonade Day Prompts Charitable Donations

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Saturday was lemonade day in Casper. All around the city children set up stands, selling lemonade and earning money and while many kids around the city did exactly that, I found one lemonade stand with a more humanitarian purpose.
Lemonade day is meant to teach children about the importance of business and entrepreneurship.
The kids running this lemonade stand have already learned something about advertising, and now they're trying to teach everyone else about charity.
Shilo Esterline said, "The money that we make here, half of it is going to rett research."
Rett Syndrome affects the Esterline family everyday. Asyiah Esterline's sister suffers from Retts and only one word could describe how she felt helping the cause.
Asyiah Esterline said, "Awesome, awesome, awesome."
Asyiah set an ambitious goal of raising over 100 dollars for Retts research and couldn't believe it when customers started lining up.
Asyiah said, "My heart started beating so quick, i was getting so excited because, i didn't even think anybody would come."
Many people showed up, and although a cup of lemonade is only one dollar, quite a few paid with a five and asked for no change. Keeping Aysiah in high spirits.
Asyiah said, "I've been like smiling this whole entire lemonade stand."
While the kids learn how to earn, some say they're reminding others how to give.
Shilo said, "These guys are just showing it doesn't matter how young you are, it doesn't. You can give and you can make a difference."
So it seems lemonade day teaches kids and adults alike.