Lander Recognized in Top Seven Cities for Trails

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If you're into hiking or trail running than lander is the place to go according to experts at Trailrunners Magazine. The city was named in the top seven trail cities to offer a getaway to the extreme outdoors.

“Incredible resources, great, great scenery, the whole sinks and the rise, the mystery of the disappearing river,” says Darrel Trembly, Sinks Canyon State Park Superintendent.

These are some of the reasons around two hundred thousand people visit the parks every year. Two of the popular activities are hiking or trail running.

“Folks who want to go on long runs or even short runs here can do it basically right out of their doors, their home or their work. I mean we can be at a trail head in less than five minutes,” says Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, National Outdoor Leadership School

A majority of the Wind River Mountains are considered wilderness, meaning cars and other motorized vehicles cannot access them.

“Very quickly you feel like you are in a remote and pristine area. You can leave your desk at work and in fifteen minutes be in a gorgeous area with rivers and mountains, says Rajagopal-Durbin

Park officials say that is why many venture to this area.

“The pristine beauty of being in a wilderness area. Obviously, it's non-motorized so you don't have to worry about a quad or off-road vehicle,” says Trembly.

Some people in Lander started a different and more extreme type of trail running.

“So it's not unheard of for someone to leave and go into the mountains and do a forty mile run on the weekend and that's just what this group of people does,” says Rajagopal-Durbin.

Even if you are not the most experienced hiker or trail runner, there are still many different ways for you to get out into the wilderness of lander's backyard.

If planning on hiking the trails, officials say it's extremely important to make sure you have adequate water and food. They also stress proper footwear is a must.

“Trails aren't like roads, they have rocks, they have rubble in them, you want to make sure you don't slip and fall,” says Rajagopal-Durbin

And the best way to go on trails…

“Just dive right in, getting out into nature is a great thing,” says Trembly.