Lander Police Department Prepares for Tribal Disbursement with More Law Enforcement

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Lander Police Chief Jim Carey addressed safety concerning the U.S. settlement disbursement to the Wind River Reservation Tribes.

Chief Carey said there is a concern for community members who live in Lander or do business in the community. He believes some could be targeted for fraud or robbery as a result of the settlement. Carey said there will be significant help from across the state to assist in efforts to maintain peace.

"They're here to assist us, because this is something that we've never dealt with before and in order to project a safe environment or to attempt to create a safe environment for our public,” said Carey. “It's going to be a struggle and we've asked our neighbors to help us."

Carey said extra police officers will be traveling with Lander officers, working on a specific plan. He said minor traffic violations will not be targeted. He said the intent is to keep everyone safe and for people to be able to conduct their daily business.