Lander Pet Connection Full, Can Still Help with Strays

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The Lander Pet Connection is packed full this summer and relies on the support of the community. If you see a stray dog or cat, you should always be careful approaching it, but the Lander Pet Connection is there to help you.

“The city and the county aren't impounding so we either take owner surrenders or we take stray dogs that we think are high risk and cannot survive on their own and should not be on the streets,” says Deborah Ellis, Lander Pet Connection.

The Lander Pet Connection is the only rescue shelter for Lander residents to take stray dogs and cats.

“We take in dogs and cats that have been abandoned and are homeless and we vaccinate them, give them the medical attention that they need, train them and then put them up for adoption,” says Ellis.

But right now... They are full and say the community has been very helpful.

“We ask the people who found them to foster them if possible. We often have them take them to the vet on our dime, get them ready to come into the shelter, we give them food, anything they need,” says Ellis.

“We are relying on the community to help us out and understand that we have twelve dog kennels, and that's all we have, every single one of them is full,” says Rebecca Shurg, Lander Pet Connection.

When they can take in an animal... They first check social media.

“To see if someone is missing that animal and if they are they will have that opportunity to have that animal returned to them,” says Shurg.

But there are risks to taking in an animal off the streets without being able to take the animal to the vet. When the Lander Pet Connection is forced to take in animals off the street, the sheltered animals have the risk of getting diseases from those animals that haven't presented themselves yet.

“Usually it's terrified so its true personality isn't there,” says Ellis.

Although the Lander Pet Connection is currently full, they still recommend calling them when a stray animal is found.

“We've had a lot of people really step up and help keep dogs that they've found,” says Ellis.

You can also call animal control if a stray is acting aggressive. Animals can also have diseases if they have been on their own for a while, so you should always be careful when having them around other animals or children.