Kids Get a Chance to Meet Arabian Horses

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The Wyoming state fairgrounds in Douglas hosts an Arabian horse show Wednesday through Saturday

Nearly 50 Arabian horses are in town for the horse show and kids are getting the opportunity to get to know the friendly breed.

“What we would do is we would go on a tour and walk through the horse stalls, they would get to see the horses eat and drink water and just kinda see what they're doing when they hang out.” said Tail Program Coordinator, Joan Rozeboom.

The Total Arabian Interaction and Learning Program or TAIL, allows families to watch the free show and learn about the history of Arabians, which is one of the oldest breeds.

“We just love our horses so much and we know what a wonderful breed they are.” said Rozeboom.

“They like to be with their people. They don't like to just be turned out and not be around you.” said trainer Sherry Lytle .

The free horse tour lets kids explore the horse barn and even brush the show horses... Who were originally bred to run long distances in the desert. But owners say they're really like great big kids.

“They like to learn more and you need to give them a lot of things to do you can't just give them one thing and expect them to be happy doing that.” said Lytle.

“They’re so gentle and kind and great with kids and a great family horse and for that reason we want to be able to show people what a wonderful horse they are and show kids that maybe don't have horses the opportunity to be able to come and have a hands on experience.” said Rozeboom.