Kamakazie Kid

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CASPER, WY - The Casper Events Center hosts the Monster Truck Tour Saturday.

A local resident will be attempting a dare devil stunt for the show.

"We've got monster trucks. I've brought my robot. Robo-tron is here, it’s a two story tall robot, and fire breathers. It’s going to be cool. The Kamakazie Kid is here doing a car jump, with six monster trucks doing their racing. It’s going to be a great weekend," said Event Announcer Ron leach

He calls himself the Kamakazie Kid and he's putting his life on the line for your entertainment.

Levi Troutman seems to fear nothing as he plans to jump his Ford Bronco into a wall of cars.

"Last night I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. All I could think about is, man, I can’t wait to jump this car. Just getting more and more stoked as it comes closer," said Troutman

Levi's been working up to this stunt for quite some time.

"I've been testing, doing speed runs. Stuff like that in the Bronco,” said Troutman. “I can’t really practice for the jump. More than just lining up with something and going 50 at it."

"Basically you just have to put on a helmet and start bouncing off stuff just to get the feel. Crash test dummy style," said Troutman.

Levi hopes this new stunt will bring him up from "that fire guy" to an all-around dare devil.

"I've done fire breathing. I've done full body burns, lit myself on fire. I've ran through walls of fire, while I was on fire. I've got in vehicles and got blown up while I'm inside of it, then I come running out through a ball of fire. Iv'e also done that on fire, get blown up and come out of the vehicle on fire," said Troutman.

He says he never would've attempted this stunt without some childhood inspiration.

"I look up to all the dare devils that come before me. Spanky Spangler, Mr. Dizzy, Doctor Danger, of course the biggest one Evil Knievel," said Troutman.

A roll cage built into the car and a helmet are Levi's only protection during this feat.

"I'm hoping nothing goes wrong with this jump tomorrow night, but if it does I'll be getting back up,” said Troutman. “I'll be getting back on the horse and jumping a car again. This is what it’s all about."

Levi couldn't be more excited and hopes his stunt opens new doors in the future.

Tickets are on sale at the Casper events center for Saturday.

If you want to know more about the trucks visit BadBoysofRacing.com.