Joshua's Storehouse Expansion Nearly Complete

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Casper -(KCWY) "The increase is almost overwhelming,” said Jay Martin the CEO for Joshua’s Storehouse.

With a 350-thousand dollar expansion project nearing completion...a little room to move around will help volunteers and families.

"We are seeing more and more people come in all the time. Sometimes we get as many as 15 a day, that's not 15 people that's 15 families,” said Martin.

"So every day that we're open we get a lot of new patrons who come in here needing food,” said Leroy Musser a volunteer at Joshua’s Storehouse.

From the unemployed to those who work two jobs, but are having trouble making it, storehouse workers are willing to help anyone who walks through their door.

"We're here to help them, give them nourishment, and give them food that they can have something to live on for a week or two,” said Musser.

"We see a lot of people who are coming in for new jobs, they got the jobs, but they are not paying enough for them to maintain everything, so we help them out,” said Martin.

Martin says the same thing happens with company employees who need assistance as they get settled, but then they won't see them again. Single mothers also comprise a large number of those needing help.

"Some of these ladies are choosing to stay home with their children because they can't make enough money to pay the daycare enough money so they can work,” said Martin.

The expansion will allow for larger pallets of food to be stocked in the storehouse, just in time to keep up with the growing demand for food.

"I get the pleasure of volunteering here and working and knowing im doing a good job and helping the people of Casper,” said Musser.

The 1700 square foot expansion was partly funded by about 270,000 dollars in excess one cent funds approved by Casper city council.