Job Fair Shows Employers Desperate for Workers

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It wasn't too long ago where finding a job was like trying to find a needle in a haystack... But those times have since changed, and with Wyoming's quickly growing energy industry, this time its the employers desperate for help.

“I was talking to employers as they came in today and one employer says yeah, I've got 10 job openings right now and another employer says I've got at least 15 opens that I need to get filled.” said Ken Johnson of Casper Workforce Center.

Nearly 40 employers filled the area where veterans took priority, and one employer says its for a good reason.

“I was a veteran myself for eight years. so the whole time you serve your country, even thinking of the idea of voicing your opinion of getting out, is kind of looked down upon.” said Dusty Reed of Halliburton.

Reed says looking for a job as veteran is not easy. “None of these veteran's want a hand out, but they deserve a little bit of a hand up. Just because of the fact that they did so much time overseas, and translating their skills of what they did to the civilian market is very tough, it’s very tough to do.”

Meanwhile, Terry Probst has been out of work since April after being laid off from a PR position in Casper for which he moved his family. He says the job market these days is different. “Today's world isn't like it was 30 or 40 years ago when one person works at a place for 30 or 40 years. those days are pretty much over. But for us to understand that, we think we understand that but when we're between jobs, now we really understand it.”