Jazz and Ragtime Kickstarts Wednesday Night

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CASPER, WY - The Nicolaysen Art Museum started its music festival Wednesday Night Live Wednesday night.

The music festival will feature one band per evening and tonight's group had people out of their chairs and on their feet.

"People here tend to like country music. So I try to bring them something completely different. Like tonight is way different. It’s a Dixie land jazz kind of sound," said Event Coordinator of the Nicolaysen Art Museum Lori Klatt.

This year more than 400 people came by to listen and dance to a mix of music.

"This is not a huge money maker for the NIC, but it’s something that we love the community to see and it gets more popular as the weeks go by."

All the groups performing, like Blair Crimmins and the hookers who have their origins in Atlanta Georgia, reflect their past in their music.

"I knew what i wanted to be playing. Then I found a group of guys that were interested in the songs I was making and the music I was wanting to play. Then the band grew and we got better at what we do," said Blair Crimmins of Blair Crimmins and the Hookers.

The bands brings some of their original songs and some hits you may already know.

However, each group will bring you their own personalities during the nine week event.

"It’s a work for hire kind of position, but it’s also a bit of a statement about the music business and how people kind of use their image and put themselves out there and try and sell themselves to the public rather than express themselves," said Crimmins.

This is a nine-week-long event and will return next week.

Patti Fiasco who is known for her original hits and unique rock instrumentation will be the group for that evening.

The Nicolaysen music festival is free to the public and will begin every Wednesday night at 5:30 through August 27th.¬¬¬¬