It's Time to Sail into Spring

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CASPER, WY - You may or may not be thinking about getting the boat out, but with warmer weather it’s never too early to prepare for spring.

It’s never too early to start summer projects and with warmer weather in our forecast, some are waxing their boats off for some fishing.

"It’s probably best to start now or before now. Once the seasons here people like myself are very very busy," said Audie's Small Engine owner Audie Morgan.

Appearances mean everything at the start of the boating year.

"They've had issues where some of them have mold,” said Morgan. “So you'll probably want to clean that up and spray a little frebreze on it to take that storage smell away from it."

No one wants any leaks while on the lake so don’t forget the plug.

"You'll want to make sure there no cracks in the actual hull they'll take on water and stuff like that,” said Morgan. “If you do have a way of testing your bilge pump, that’s always a good idea."

Because there are still freezing overnight temperatures, drain the boat completely of water when you're done.

"With the personal watercraft when you put it on the trailer at an angle. When it’s out of the water it’s always a good idea to run it and you got to rev it up to expel any extra water out of it,” said Morgan

Wyoming game and fish officials say to make sure you get your boat registered before setting sail.

"You can renew all year long. Most people wait until it gets nice out and then they think, wow its time, lets go in. They can either come in, and register and renew here, or they can go online and renew them," Game and Fish Office Manager Deb Vincent.

Getting the boat ready takes some time, but don't forget about the essentials.

"If your boat is over 16 feet in length you need a U.S coast guard approved flotation device that can be throw-able as a type four," said Casper Game Warden David Dragon.

Lake officials will begin patrolling again this year so be courteous and follow the rules.

"Casper area wardens will be out on the lake all summer enforcing the boating laws and regulations of Wyoming but also fishing and just making sure people are safe out there,” said Dragon.

If you have a new boat you would like to register make sure the title is in your name.

The fee is $15 for a year and $40 for three years.

You can register your boat in the office or online throughout the year except in October.