Hundreds Attend 10th Annual Disability Awareness Walk

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Those with disabilities and their families celebrated disability awareness month at the 10th Annual Wyoming Disability Awareness Walk hosted by NOWCAP.

Casper isn't the only place raising awarness for the cause. Today, there are walks being held in areas from cody to cheyenne.

Ashley Serres, NOWCAP Assistant Director, says, "we have seven different communities that are having walks all today. This is the biggest statewide disability awareness walk that we have."

About 500-600 people gathered for the cause and had a great time while raising awareness for disabilities.

"Our goal would be to have a thousand walkers, would be great just here in casper, and if we could have even more throughout the state, that would be fanstastic."

The walk was held indoors and everyone from parents to teachers joined in too. "We have community members, we have schools all do teams. I think we had almost 20 teams sign up, which is great."

The days events included activities for people without a disability, to see what it's like to have one.

Serres says, "they had a wheelchair that you could see what it was like to have to go over a ramp, different things like that. They had a little course setup. They had a place setup where you could see what it's like to be blind. Some of those different things to see what some of those people's challenges they face everyday."

The benefit walk helps fund community projects such as wheelchair-accessible playground equipment, a state of the art pool lift.... as well as push-button doors.
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