How School Bond Election Will Affect Residents

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Natrona County is ready for voters to cast their ballots about the school district's 33 million dollar bond issue this coming Tuesday.

School District Superintendent Steve Hopkins says if the school bond is passed, there will be a slight increase in taxes for property owners in Natrona County and the amount will vary depending on the value of your home.

"We estimate the cost would be $1.81 per $100k of value per month. So, across the year, that's about $24 for $100k of value."

And for property owners here in Natrona County, they will see a slight tax increase, but what about the people who don't own property?

"There may be a slight increase in a renter's monthly rent, but that's between them and their landlord."

This is what's considered a special election, because the school bond issue is the only thing on the ballot. These typically have lower turnout than general elections, but this time around may prove otherwise.

"We're still expecting a good turnout. The bond issue is an active item that's been widely discussed in the community for well over a year."

And it seems there are a good number of Natrona County residents speaking out about the bond election.

Sara Trout, a Casper resident says, "I am aware of it and yes it is important to me because i have three kids in school."

Madonna Conkin, a Casper resident says, "I think it's a good investment. Our children need our support in this windy city and education is the best way to do it."

Hopkins says the bond tax wouldn't cost much per month. Especially if it's for something natrona county students need.

"One gentleman wrote a letter to his daughter why he was voting for it and he said it would cost him about the cost of a happy meal per month. One happy meal per month. And he said, 'can i not give up a happy meal?'"

Polls will open may sixth from 7am to 7pm on Tuesday May 6th and you can find your nearest polling place in the link below.
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