House Fire Claims Lives of Two Children

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A fire that broke out at a home South of Lander around 6:30 Tuesday night claims the lives of two small children.

On Lyons Valley Road just South of Lander a fire broke out, in this home where a family of seven lived. It claimed the lives of two children, and sent the parents and three other children to the hospital.

The investigation points to an accidental fire starting on the front porch of the home, possibly around the barbecue grill.

“The front of the house was totally engulfed... the wind was blowing, 20-25 MPH out of the north right straight down against the house, blew the flames right in to the house, and within ten minutes, the roof had collapsed.” said neighbor John Bundy.

Bundy’s says the house belonged to the Van Dijk family and called 911 after hearing loud pops and seeing two of the family's vehicles on fire.

“At the time we got there the home was totally involved in fire." said Fremont County Fire Chief, Craig Haslam.
“There was nothing they could do, it was too far gone.” said Bundy.

But, the community is trying to do something to show support for the Van Dijk family. A GoFundMe Page has been set up with thousands of dollars already donated, while others in the community are doing anything they can to help.

“Offer a hundred percent of profits from any sales of my artwork on-line to go towards that monetary fund." said local artist, Zach Even.

While this small Wyoming town pulls together to share the sorrow of the loss of one of its own.
“Its a tragedy, I don't know how the family's going to cope with it, its beyond belief.” said Bundy

“I've got twin 5 year-olds of my own. I couldn't imagine anything happening to them.” said Even.