Horse Virus Could've Shut Down Central Wyoming Rodeo

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If you're a farmer or rancher, part of caring for your horses means watching their health, but with certain diseases, just one horse catching ill could have far-reaching consequences.
A horse in Johnson County was euthanized after testing positive for an incurable and potentially deadly virus. With the Central Wyoming Rodeo coming up, it could have been a lot worse.
A horse's health is always on a rider's mind.
Faith Stultz, an experienced equestrian said, "We monitor our horses very carefully. We vaccinate them, so is it something that I'm really worried about? No!"
Equine Infectious Anemia should worry riders because there is no vaccine, or cure and in Wyoming, now is EIA's window of opportunity.
Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan said, "We're certainly in the vector season for this disease."
Because the disease is so deadly and can be spread by flies, zipping from horse to horse, Wyoming Livestock Board Members take it very seriously.
Stultz said, "They will quarantine the area, and not allow horses to come in for shows and things like that, if there is a major outbreak."
Just so you know, a major outbreak is one horse testing positive for EIA. If the area has a rodeo coming up, they can forget about that.
Stultz said, "They'll say these shows are canceled, and you can't bring your horses."
Quarantines are at least 60 days long. Thankfully for Casper, a Wyoming Livestock Spokesman says the Central Wyoming Rodeo won't be affected.
Logan said, "For it to reach Natrona County would be quite a stretch."
But horses in Johnson County where the outbreak first started won't make the rodeo. However they're on their way to being deemed healthy.
Logan said, "So far those horses have all been negative on the first test."
For all the other competitors who can still make the rodeo there are warnings to take precautions for everyone's sake.
Logan said, "It's a good idea for people who are hauling horses to events to have them tested."
So for now it appears livestock workers have the disease contained but, they can't lift the quarantine until the second round of testing in 60 days.
Logan does warn that horses can carry EIA without showing signs or symptoms and wants owners to remember, the only way to cure it is to put down the horse.