Hornecker and Stone compete for Fremont County Sheriff

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The race for Fremont County Sheriff is about to end and both candidates feel a strong desire to serve the public.

"What I call the fire in the belly probably comes from the need to serve, and the service that we provide and the support that the community probably provides us as well," says Jack "Skip" Hornecker, Fremont County Sheriff.

"I want to serve the citizens of Fremont County and I believe I can make a difference," says former Riverton Police Captain Mark Stone.

Hornecker believes it is his experience in the field that makes him the best for the job.

"I just have this deep seeded fire if you will to continue as the sheriff and serve this community," says Hornecker.

When asked what he is most proud of, Hornecker says, "The resolution of some long term missing persons murder cases that we were able to resolve and bring to prosecution."

The Sheriff also commends the people that work along side him.

"The young men, the professional young men and women that work here. What an outstanding group of people. I think we are second to none in any other agency in the state," says Hornecker.

But Stone believes there are most improvements to be made.

"I think we can do a better job recruiting our employees, I think we can create a better work environment that lessons that turnover," says Stone.

He says everyone should be on the same page.

"Every member of the department including me has to be held accountable for what we do and we need to know what's expected of us and we need to do a good job and serve the citizens of Fremont County," says Stone.

However, both men agree on how the Second Amendment should be handled.

"I will make sure that your rights are never violated, I will always support the second amendment, and never support any legislation or laws that diminish the right to keep and bear arms," says Stone.

"I have created a network throughout the western states, state, and nationally as an advocate for the second amendment," says Hornecker.

Citizens of Fremont County can vote on August 19th.