Home Improvements Are On The Mind For Spring

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Spring is the perfect season to take on some home improvement projects. And after a brutal winter, people everywhere are looking forward to the warm weather to do just that.

Everyone's been cooped up inside all winter, and with the warm weather approaching, you might have home improvement on the mind.

All of the snow we received this winter has melted and created very fertile soil, which is perfect for anyone with a green thumb...making the gardening season that much greener.

Cathy Greene, of Sutherland's Home Improvement store, says "You know, you want to get the fertilization of the lawn started. Raise beds that maybe boards need to be replaced. Or you want to check your soil for nutrition."

But there are a few things the snow may have damaged along the way. "Such as your gutters, depending on how much heavy snow you've gotten. Trees, if you've got a lot of trees around your home, you get branches and things that fall off, you need to get those cleared out."

The snow also takes a toll on some other things around the house that you'll want to keep an eye on.

"Trim and things like that, they tend to contract and expand and your paint will fade and crack, so that has to be replaced."

Especially when it comes to the finish on your deck. Terri Medlin, another employee of Sutherland's, says "they come in, they get pressure washer equipment. They can get the deck sprayers, we have a whole line of different stains that they come in and buy."

And after doing your taxes this season, your wallet may be ready for some new spring projects too.

Green says, "people are getting their income taxes and they've got the extra money, so they sit down and they look at the projects."

And remember: It's best to research your project before getting started to avoid things like buying the wrong soil or weedkiller, which may be harmful for your lawn.

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