Home Depot Gives Family Some Light in the Darkness

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A family going through a great deal of loss sees some light in the darkness after a trip to Home Depot to buy some carpet.

"February 18th we lost one of my brothers that used to live down here and not knowing how sick he was, the place started getting rundown." said Kam Edwards of Casper

Shortly after that Edwards other brother needed hospice care. So her daughter and son in law were going to fix the place up, so Edwards could move in and take care of her dying brother.

"We wanted to build a place or get a place together where he could come and pretty much, finish out the rest of his days." said Steven Gettings, Edwards’ Son-in-law.

But like many fixer-upper projects go, the Gettings were biting off more than they could chew on a limited budget.

"We had a customer come in looking for carpet and he was just going to nail that carpet to the floor, and asking questions from him, what are you going to do? What do you need? We discovered that he had more needs than he was letting on." said John Dennis of Home Depot.

"While we were in there explaining to them what we were doing and he wasn't having it. He said, no, we're going to step in and help you guys out." said Gettings.

Home Depot provided the supplies and installation of carpet, paint, a refrigerator, and more...plus contracted a plumber for the bathroom. But with the project in the works, the family suffered yet another loss, two days ago, the second brother passed away.

“The amount of loss that they had in the process of doing this, and yet the couple is doing this for their family this home project for their family, they're the driving force, we came out to help but they're the ones who made this all happen.” said Dennis

The loss didn't halt the good deed, and Edwards plans to move into the home when it’s finished.

“For this to transpire on my brother's behalf to start and then to finish out on my behalf, I just know that it's been god-sent. Not only home depot but my son in law and daughter, just everyone involved has played a role in this. Its not just one person, its everyone.” said Edwards