Home Brewing Beer is Growing in Popularity

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"It's extremely easy to get started if you can boil water then you can brew beer,” said Jerry Nelson, the Intellectual Brewers Union president.

The amount of people picking up this hobby in Casper is growing.

"When we first started there was two people brewing and since then it has just gotten bigger,” said Susan Nelson an IBU club member.

Beginners and experienced beer brewers gathered today to swap recipes, taste each other’s creations, and to sit back and simply have a good time.

"We've seen beers improve 200% just from talking to each other, tasting each other’s beers, getting that feedback where you’re not just sitting in your living room drinking your own beer and hoping it’s right,” said Bob Shellard, a member of the club.

This new wave of interest in brewing has captivated the attention of people around the world in the last world beer cup 5 medals were awarded to microbreweries across the state of Wyoming. Nelson says Wyoming has more microbreweries per capita than most anyplace in the United States.

"Once the club started people started coming out of the woodwork and it was really interesting to see the different things that they had already tried not knowing that there were other brewers in the community that they could join up with and get feedback from,” said Shellard.

"It gives you a sense of making something of your own that you can drink and share with people later and its fun,” said Susan Nelson.

Even though every brewer wants to make the best batch for everyone to drink, it's not stopping them from trying everyone else’s.

"It tastes good,” said Susan Nelson.

"We will supply the pots and I think if you come to one meeting you will be hooked for life,” said Shellard.

"My hope is that our club will continue to get larger and continue to grow and people will continue to make good beer,” said Jerry Nelson.