Holistic Fair Invites a Relaxing Environment

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CASPER, WY - People stopped by the fairgrounds industrial building Saturday and Sunday for the Casper Holistic Fair.

It’s an event for vendors to bring organic foods, trinkets and readings to the local area.

"People live very high stressed lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re flipping hamburgers, or if you’re the C.E.O of a company. You've got a lot of stress in your life. You come here and we want a place where people can relax and just enjoy a good day in their life," said the Holistic Fair Organizer Donna Annis.

People running the booths today are not necessarily there to sell pretty jewelry and trinkets.

"The healers that are here, they work on an energetic level. Instead of poking or giving you a shot or a pill, we don’t diagnose. We simply offer an alternative" said Annis.

Everyone has some kind of stress that may be holding us back.

"When you get stressed, good stress or bad stressed, you get blockages in your energy like a tree falling across the creek. When that happens, that’s when you get your stress, that’s when you get your pain, and that’s when you get your illnesses," said Annis.

Some are using a little technology to interpret your energy.

"I personally do the aura photography which is catching the frequency around your body and it shows up in different colors. Because I'm intuitive, I'm reading to see what’s going on in your life. It’s a lot of fun people come twice a year to get it done to see how they've progressed down their life’s journey," said Aura Photographer Judy Lekic.

Envy, passion and other attributes go hand in hand with your aura and experts say to find that connection.

"Colors hold vibrations. The jewelry holds the vibration, their colors as well. So your energy vibrates at different frequencies. The colors vibrate at different frequencies. The frequencies line up thats what gives you your aura," said Lekic.

Five hundred people attended the event over the weekend with 50 vendors doing presentations.

The next expo will be September 13th and 14th at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Industrial Building in Casper.