Hogadon Upgrades Are Delayed Because of Cost

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Casper-(KCWY) "You can't budget very well if you can’t spend three times what the project was previously budgeted at,” said Casper City Councilman Keith Goodenough.

Hogadon employees and ski patrol will not be seeing new buildings at the ski area anytime soon simply because estimates to construct them caught city officials off guard.

"I don't think we can put two million dollars or even a million and a half dollars into a maintenance facility, basically it's a heated warehouse,” said Casper City Manager John Patterson.

The proposed buildings, which most city officials agree are needed, were previously estimated to cost just over $450, 000, but now estimates are closer to two million.

"It does prolong the projects and at some point you do start wondering if the projects will indeed happen,” said Casper Mayor Paul Meyer.

To continue to move projects forward the Hogadon master plan will have to be looked at and changed. A new lodge which was tentatively set to go forward in upcoming years is now in question.

"The lodge at this rate would be six to eight million dollars and I don't think we can put six to eight million dollars into a ski lodge," said Patterson.

Mayor Meyer says he would support the 2-million-dollar cost if it completes the project, but some on council say if the proposal stands they would vote no.

"I see recreation as less important than roads and water lines and sewer lines and basic human needs, and to me recreation is on a lower tier," said Goodenough.

As city officials wait for a revamped plan and cost estimate skiers and Hogadon employees will continue to wait as well.

"I hope we can come up with the means and methods happen to make both of these buildings happen,” said Patterson.

"The figures aren’t in yet but it has had a banner, banner year,” said Meyer.