Hogadon Ski Area's Future in Jeopardy

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Casper -(KCWY) "In reality every day that Hogadon is open it loses money,” said Casper city councilman Keith Goodenough.

Goodenough says the city loses 250,000 to 400,000 dollars a year from Hogadon depending on how much snow falls.

"To put five or ten million into a facility that may not be fully usable because of the weather is a mistake in my opinion,” said Goodenough.

Plans to build a new ski patrol building and lodge are in the works, but city officials have to decide how much money they are willing to invest in the ski area.

"Its needs a lot of work and the easy way to do it is to build a new one,” said Bob Hopkins a Casper city councilman.

"I believe we need to continue with the work on the snow-making equipment and the facility that is ongoing, but other than that I do not support a large investment in Hogadon,” said Goodenough.

But without a large investment some councilmembers believe the ski area will not survive.

"The lodge we have now its four different elevations and it's almost impossible access for some people and I think it needs to be improved,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins thinks in the long term a new lodge is realistic and says keeping it open year round will cut the losses they see each winter Goodenough disagrees.

"It's a local ski area it will always be a local ski area a new lodge would not improve the snowfall that is totally out of our control,” said Goodenough.

Hopkins says the snowy range ski area is used year round...which would help bring in money during the off season if emulated at Hogadon, but Goodenough says the city would simply see even more money go down the drain.

"It's a facility that Casper uses and needs and it makes it a better place to live,” said Hopkins.