Hogadon Plans Set Aside For Now

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Casper- (KCWY) "This is a decision about Hogadon, and if it has a future,” said Casper city manager John Patterson.

It's back to the drawing board for city officials and Hogadon staff after costs upgrading Hogadon reached up to three times more than previously thought.

"It's unfortunate that they came back so expensive and I think its a sign of how are economy is doing at this point,” said Casper councilwoman Kenyne Schlager.

The ski patrol and maintenance facility cost caught many off guard last month when it was announced it would take up to one-and a half million dollars, in addition to millions of dollars more for the lodge and new ski lift.

"Council needs to make the decision is Hogadon worthy of this investment? Should we put these millions of dollars into Hogadon,” said Patterson.

"I think it's all going to depend on how our sales tax revenue is doing in the city and that will guide us to see how much we can spend up there,” said Schlager.

For now staff must find some ways to cut costs.

"The size of the maintenance facility, the size of the ski patrol facility, the size of the lodge,” said Patterson.

These could all factor into the Hogadon master plan which Patterson says was intended to start construction on this summer.

"That was our hope to get it designed, to get it up and constructed before this snow flew, but that is doubtful now,” said Patterson.

The big question now will the slopes even open at all come next winter?

"It comes to a point now with the lift situation that if we can't change the lift out that we can't put a new lift in than it's not safe,” said Patterson.

So as council waits for new details and new cost figures Hogadon will sit unchanged for now.

"I think if we do it correctly and in a way that it can be utilized everyday of every year that's going to benefit the entire community and we will see the usership grow,” said Schlager.