Proposed Hogadon Plans Now Include A Lodge

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Casper -(KCWY) "Hogadon has had a great year; I mean it has been busy, busy, busy," said Casper city manager John Patterson.

It’s to early to tell, but it could have been a record year.

"It's been probably the best year that we have had especially compared to last year," said Patterson.

Last year the lack of snow left many skiers limited days to enjoy fresh powder, this year was a much different story.

"Wonderful snow, I mean that is certainly the causal factor of the success at Hogadon this winter,” said Patterson.

Plans to upgrade Hogadon have been in the works, designs to build a new maintenance building and ski patrol hut are back in the planning stage and now included in those plans a new lodge.

"I believe at some point if we are going to stay in the Hogadon business we need to spend some money up there,” said Mayor Paul Meyer.

Casper city council sent proposals back to the drawing board after cost estimates came in way to high both the mayor and city manager agree though revamping Hogadon is essential for the ski area to remain successful.

"It might not be a five year project; it might be a ten or a 15 year project,” said Meyer.

"We have to have an idea, an estimate of value of cost on those buildings so this plan will achieve that,” said Patterson.

When a plan is brought back to council all eyes will be on the cost which in initial findings was three times more than council intended to spend on the project. .

"Council is just not ready to start building anything at this point, until we have a very good estimate at what exactly the cost is going to be and what we are going to get," said Patterson.

With the success this year Mayor Meyer says there is no question whether the city should invest in Hogadon.

"We have seen this year at what a minimal investment in these recreations can do," said Meyer.