Hogadon Looks Back at its Winter Season

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CASPER, WY - Casper mountain's Hogadon Ski Area is still up and running and ski officials say this year’s winter weather is a step up from last year.

Officials at Hogadon say attendance is great and after eight more inches of snow earlier this week, ski season may not be over yet.

"We've had a lot more snow this year and people aren't getting discouraged coming up here. They're having a good day. It’s been a good year really," said lift operator Larry Dobbs

An early start to this year's winter weather has paid off for Casper mountain snow sports.

"We laid down a nice base and we were pretty much done making snow by the end of Christmas break. We've just relied on natural from the rest of it," said Hogadon Superintendent Chris Smith

People from around the area have taken full advantage of the outdoor activities.

"Attendance has been very good even mid-week,” said Smith. “We have school groups that come up. One to two schools that come up Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Starting in January they'll end up at the end of this month in march. Just general public attendance has been very good this year."

Skiers and snowboarders have benefited from the return of the terrain park.

"I think the ski area got beat up this year about not having a terrain park. Terrain parks require a lot of maintenance. We don't have a lot of crew, but this year the staff and i have really stepped up the snow sports school," said Smith.

Employees are preparing for the end of the season.

"If we were to have another lean year on snow, we need to have the trails cut down to ground level. So that they can be ready for a lean year in snow."

Ski officials say this winter isn’t over yet.

"There’s supposed to be another snow storm coming at the end of the month. April, being from Wyoming, it’s always wet and thick. I would like us to stay open a couple more weeks."

Employees hope to keep Hogadon ski area open till Sunday April the 6th.

They say they are not done maintaining the slopes this year and have plenty of activities planned into early spring.

Hogadon's annual Winter Fest is next week after it rescheduled earlier this year.