Hiring Our Heroes Gives More for Job Seakers

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CASPER, WY - Veterans young and old attended the Hiring Our Heroes job fair today at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Casper.

Job seekers filled the entire hotel in hopes of re-establishing themselves in a civilian lifestyle.

"We love working with the veterans. In fact, our company promotes hiring veterans. Anytime you work with a veteran you know they have a really good work ethics and their strong people to work with," said Labor Ready’s Carol Phifer.

Most of the times, returning veterans are well at home in their new civilian line of work.

"They're working with equipment. They're still working out in the field. There's that comraderie. There working with other tool operators or customers," said Oil States Energy Services’ Rose Blas

Those struggling can still find a source of income.

"Even when they are in a full time job they're still in our system so they can still work for us on their days off or on weekends when they're not working for that company and have a little bit of cash in their pockets," said Cameron Kelly from Labor ready

It’s obviously a great opportunity for vets and employers, but sometimes the military style of work can vary between the civilian style.

"The issue really is, getting them to understand civilian industry speak and getting employers to understand military speak. What I’m saying by that is, when you leave the military we talk in acronyms," said Hiring Our Heroes Organizer Phillip Maas.

It’s one of the major hurdles employers and jobs seekers must overcome.

"The person from Auto Zone doesn’t know what a 19 kilo does. They don’t know what that is and they shouldn’t have to. Our warriors need to know, instead of that, this is what we’re going to discuss," said Maas.

Hiring Our Heroes workshop presenters make sure everyone is ready before meeting with employers.

"When you look at it the way we try to build a job fair with hiring our heroes is, we really do try to have something for everybody," said Maas.

Jobs seekers today participated in a one hour job tactics session to work on mock interviews and have their resume reviewed.

Around one hundred veterans were present today and 50 employers had kiosks.

This is hiring our heroes 688th fair and they are responsible for over 22,000 hires.