High School Graduations Planned Over Memorial Day Weekend

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It's graduation season for high school seniors and some schools plan to have commencement ceremonies over Memorial Day Weekend.

Associate Natrona County School District Superintendent Mark Mathern says, "we have been advertising graduation for about a year. I mean, you have to plan these things quite a bit ahead of time."

Many students are graduating next holiday weekend. In fact, Natrona County High School seniors have their commencement ceremony at 7:30pm the night of Memorial Day. Principal Dean Kelly wouldn't have it any other way.

Dean Kelly, NCHS Principal says, "being able to celebrate Memorial Day with 400 graduates and over 3,000 people in the stands up at the Events Center, I just don't know how we could do it any better."

Some students and faculty members don't mind having the ceremony on a holiday weekend.

Casey Heath, NCHS senior says, "I feel kind of indifferent. Like it's just another day."

Samantha Blackstock, a NCHS teacher says, "it's a holiday weekend, so you can go out and celebrate the holiday or you can go out and celebrate a monumentous event."

Mathern says it's state policy to have graduation scheduled within ten days of the school year ending and this isn't the last time graduation will be scheduled over a holiday weekend.

"We already know, for example, graduation dates for next year and the year after. So, if you think about it, it's somewhat of a three-year planning process."

Mathern says it's a chance for graduates to show appreciation of their country with about 2,000 others in the Events Center during the ceremony.

"We are very aware of what I would call an opportunity here for us to combine what we know as valuable to our citizens in our country and what we want to teach our youth."

Mathern says there currently are no reported concerns or complaints about graduation falling on MDW, however, News 13 has received a few calls.

Mathern also adds there will be a recognition of veterans in the building during the ceremonies along with choir members singing the star-spangled banner.