Help with Health Insurance at CWC

The deadline to sign up for health insurance is soon.

People can receive a tax penalty for not having health insurance this year next year. Health insurance helpers were available to help people enroll at Central Wyoming College.

"We do everything from give information about the market place, and subsidies, and what you need to do to apply," said Judy Strausberger,

Fremont County Health Center Outreach Enrollment Coordinator.
Strausberger and Karla borders, a Navigator Marketplace program manager for Wyoming Senior Citizens Inc., lead a workshop at Central Wyoming College to aid people in signing up for health insurance before the deadline.

"The target age group for the health care market place is 19-64, and so we thought this might be a good way to try to touch base with some of those younger students," said Borders.

"Central Wyoming College is basically the place we needed to do the workshop the way we wanted to,” said Strausberger.

Strausberger said many who have approached their table are nontraditional students.

"We had mainly older people who are students," said Strausberger. “Some have private health insurance. They are interested in what the market place will provide and others are just looking for information.”

Some teenage students were unaware of the workshop. One no longer has health insurance through her parents.

"I’m actually applying for Medicaid because I have to go to the doctor," said Freshman Darby Lamb.

However, she understood the importance.

"I’m more able to take care of my body if anything is wrong, "said Lamb. “I'm not going to be worried about trying to pay for hospital bills or anything. It will be taken care of so I can actually take care of myself.”

Strausberger said people can also go to where there is a 24-hour chat line.