Healthy Relationships

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CASPER, WY - With Valentines Day approaching, therapists say it's important for everyone to have a healthy relationship with their special someone.

Councilors say there are steps to staying connected with someone you care about.

"Without trust you don't have a relationship. Communication skills is extremely important. Enjoy each other in the relationship. Is very important, otherwise why be in the relationship,” said Wyoming Behavior Institute Clinical Director Thomas Connor.

With small steps in a relationship, partners can establish a lifelong bond.

"Allow each other to grow in life separately. But yet, continue with the relationship,” said Connor

Experts say flowing together, even when bumps arise, helps keep relationships solid.

"A lot of people will just keep things inside and let it get to them. You know, bottle up and then all of a sudden, this huge explosion happens. It’s like where did this come from cause you didn’t tell me that you felt that way when I did it two weeks ago," said Outreach Coordinator Noelle Paden

They also say to know your partner's likes and dislikes.

"If somebody says to you, well I don’t like country western music. I know that's what you want to do. So that’s something you have to look at. Do we have similar values," said Family Counselor Ken Hicks.

Relationship experts say list-making is a good tool to see what you and your partner have in common.

"I've actually had people break out of their relationships because they've been together and thought the pressure was building too fast and they wanted to move in and they aren’t ready for that. I said, well do a list. They came back and they said I’m out of my relationship I wasn’t even on their list," said Hicks

It still comes down to the little things you do to show you care.

"Saying I love you is one thing but doing little things here and there or writing them down and putting them in your spouse’s purse or wallet. So coming out you open your wallet and it’s like awe,"said Paden

Strong bonds can still be formed as long as the two share similar values

Experts say partners who think of a successful future will create a high quality lifestyle.

Experts say if you believe you're in a tough relationship, it's absolutely OK to seek professional counseling or other help.