Health Department Nurses Stress Vaccines for Whooping Cough

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-Casper- (KCWY) "We see cases of it in our community, we get calls several times a year on a case here or there, sometimes we see a little grouping of cases,” said Trina Soper, the nursing supervisor at the Natrona County-Casper Health Department.

With the confirmation of a case of whooping cough in Casper, parents have been calling the health department with worries.

"If your child’s vaccinated you’re probably ok if they’re in that school, but if they are in that classroom and you think you’re seeing symptoms of this you may want to check with your doctor,” said Soper.

Symptoms of whooping cough can be mistaken for a cold or the flu, but there are some unique traits of whooping cough.

"Very violent cough followed by the whooping classic bark sound where it gets its name whooping cough,” said Hilary Cage an RN at the Natrona County-Casper Health Department.

Most children in school are vaccinated for the infection, but some parents chose to not vaccinate for religious or medical reasons.

"It's out in our community all the time. The reason we don't hear about it as much is because a lot of parents vaccinate and that keeps their kids from getting it,” said Soper.

It's not always the kids spreading the infection to other children.

"The people that are most vulnerable of course are the very young, but adults can carry it. It doesn't make adults as sick but it can pass very easy to the little ones," said Cage.

Health department nurses hope to control the spread of whooping cough and prevent any new cases from surfacing.

"It's very preventable if they get vaccinated,” said Cage.