Governor Speaks at the Wyoming Community Foundation

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CASPER, WY - The Wyoming Community Foundation hosts their Philanthropy Days Conference today and special speaker Governor Matt Mead was there to present awards to volunteers.

The organization works all over the state and gave new and old members a chance to hear what it’s like as a non-profit group out in the field.

"It’s a conference for non-profits around the state. Not just non-profits, but also volunteers, board members foundations corporations people that fund non-profits and have an interest in the work that were doing and philanthropy in the state generally," said Director of Philanthropy Vickery Hall.

Along with presentations throughout the day, governor mead stopped in to congratulate the organization on their accomplishments.

"We invited governor mead to be part of giving out the Newell B. Sargent spirit of philanthropy award, which will be going to an amazing person who has absolutely driven philanthropy in the state the last 25 years," said Hall.

The work within the organization has captured the governor’s attention.

"25 years they have over 100 million dollars in assets invested over those 25 years. Issues for foundations such as homelessness, the elderly, wildlife, a variety of issues that their philanthropy has helped build Wyoming in a remarkable way," said Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.

And governor mead is very proud of the volunteers within the state.

“Every community that I go to there’s people who volunteer their time, who volunteer money, because they appreciate where they are and they appreciate the fact that they have opportunity to make it better for future generations," said Governor Mead.

Mead says his campaign is going well but the state still has energy issues to deal with.

“We need to work for solutions in technology and innovation. We need coal. We need oil. We need gas. We need all of the above when it comes to energy,” said Governor Mead. “We are growing globally in terms of the middle class. We can’t meet the energy demands of today and were going to have greater energy demands tomorrow. Rather than putting up our official road blocks, let’s find solutions."

This is the Wyoming Community Foundation’s 25th anniversary and many of their sponsors attended the event and made donations to help with the organization for the non-profit groups.

Wyoming community foundation will continue their event into Friday.