Governor Mead Says Wyoming is on Top of Sage Grouse Habitat

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Governor Mead touched a number of topics including keeping up international trade and keeping the state job friendly to a younger generation.

But what's been on a lot of people's minds lately is if the Nevada ranch land dispute could come up here in Wyoming.

“I think number one is you don't want to ever have a situation where people are in danger of getting harmed. I mean whatever the issue is, that is one of the things the government needs to make sure of that people aren't getting harmed.” said Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.

Wwhen it comes to fighting the federal government on land rights, particularly sage grouse habitat. Mead says Wyoming is on top in the west. “If we're looking at sage grouse and how they list the bird. we're not just looking at how they list the bird now, we're looking at historical habitat, which would be roughly 75 to 80 percent of the entire state.”

He says it’s crucial to keep up the bird's numbers, so it isn't listed as an endangered species.

“It wouldn't just shut down mineral development. It could hurt ag, it could hurt tourism, it could hurt small business in a big way and that's why the state of Wyoming has been so proactive in doing what we need to do to make sure the bird isn't listed.” said Mead

Mead believes the state is doing a good job. “We're certainly hoping that the federal government is paying attention to that and it’s not just Wyoming, its western states working together to make sure the habitat is there for these birds to do well.”